About UOTS


muhammad3The University of the Streets (UOTS) was incorporated in 1969 as a non-profit educational organization, spearheaded by the late Muhammad Salahuddeen and presently led by Executive Director Saadia Salahuddeen. Located in Manhattan’s lower east side (130 East 7th St, NY, NY) for the past 46 years, UOTS has been committed to addressing the educational, vocational and cultural needs of the community. Initially, UOTS was launched to help “deprived” youngsters break out of a hopeless poverty-cycle. However, as a result of the historical and economic impact of its programs, today the target population has expanded to encompass all ages, races, socio-economic levels and cultural diversities. In its 46 year history through challenging and innovative programs UOTS has influenced countless lives. Many UOTS alumni and associates have attained distinguished, successful careers in music and other creative and fine arts—a fact in which UOTS takes considerable humility. Through our challenges we at UOTS have also gained a wealth of experience that has taught us many valuable lessons about educating youth. UOTS continues to be a forerunner in establishing innovative approaches to teaching.

UOTS is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing opportunities, guidance, direction and innovative programs and initiatives that nurture the talents of individuals and emerging artists to help them meet their educational, vocational, career and other personal goals and aspirations. We envision and construct a schedule of events and programs that effectively support a comprehensive range of ages, views and lifestyles. Our goal is to be a leader in delivering dynamic programs and instruction through which all socioeconomic levels of constituents within our community are provided the means to interact and grow by supplying the tools and opportunity to develop, perform and exhibit their talents within an arts-supportive environment that changes lives positively and helps individuals reach their full potential.


The University of the Street has a 46-year proven track record of successful programming and we look forward to continuing this rich legacy at its new facilities in the Bronx, NY. The YOUTH ENCOURAGEMENT SOCIETY (Y.E.S.) is one of many new initiatives that we look forward to launching at our new Bronx campus. We welcome and embrace diversity, and we cultivate the individual talents through the provision of relevant music, arts and cultural training programs. We strive to maintain open dialogue among all participants, while simultaneously nurturing leadership qualities and enlisting those who wish to lead by example, proficiency and professionalism, at every level; those, who wish to share their gifts, resources, skills, and creative energy by providing hope and inspiration to students and colleagues. We advocate for known and unknown artists in the NYC/metropolitan area — and we provide a venue for visiting artists from around the world. Most of all, we welcome your interest and support.