Haney’s Nine Jazz Stories


with Nadya Kadrevis, clarinet; and Jeremy Shaskus, sax.  

JAZZ STORIES: David Haney talked to each of these artists involved and asked them to recount an important event or story. The stories were recorded and then transcribed for publication in Cadence Magazine. Now brought to life in narrative and music.

“Haney tells these tales with the dramatic flair of a Garrison Keillor..”  Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine

  • Sonny Rollins Bridge Story
  • John McLaughlin’s Baptism in Fire with Miles
  • Steve Swallow and Herbie Nichols in Jamaica
  • Gunter Hampel on Why Monk Danced
  • Bob Dorough on life in the Army and more

Listen to all nine Jazz Stories at www.davidhaneymusic.com
FOR MORE INFORMATION: cadencemagazine@gmail.com

Sat. April 16, 2016     8:00 pm     Suggested Donation: $10.
University of the Streets
2381 Belmont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458   (212) 254-9300